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Conversations I Wanted To Have Anyway

Feb 26, 2019

This week on the #syndicast we are talking with Dustin Sanchez - Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Marketing {title} for JP Rifles, and now a marketing partner for the Nordic / Vortex Tri-Gun.
Welcome brother! We have been trying to get this done for a while…
Heavy Shooter: 
How did you get started in action shooting?...

Feb 22, 2019

Breathing is
Define woo :
Option 1 : BOX Breathing : The most normal practice : Free
The following technique is recommended by neurohacker Mark Divine. A retired Navy SEAL Commander, Mark now runs SEALFIT in Encinitas, California, which is a program to develop elite level physical fitness and mental toughness.

Feb 12, 2019

During the summer of 2018 I got to spend a bunch of Time with Brian Conley form Hunters HD Gold. I fell in love with the lenses for shooting, driving and the health benefits from an all day blue blocking lens. These glasses rock!

I do still have a bone to pick about the frames. Basically, they don't make one that I...