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Conversations I Wanted To Have Anyway

Feb 10, 2021

After the loss of her brother Taylor Thorne took her love a competition shooting and adventure on the road.


Dec 2, 2020

This podcast is commentary on the last 8 years of shooting, content, videos and reviews with Blair and myself.  You can find more of our shenanigans on YouTube and Blair’s pistol, rifle, and shotgun modifications at the shop.

Quick Hawkeye History: 8 years ago I walked out onto my first 3 Gun field with a brand new...

Nov 25, 2020

Highlights and Commerce

You can find Adam and Atlas Gunworks on Instagram (@AtlasGunworks), Facebook (Atlas Gunworks) and YouTube

IMPACTS FROM 2020 include:

  • from embargo taxes on Chinese steel, there is a limited supply 
  • pressure from elections, then throw in COVID 
  • you’ve got the prepper-mindset people who are...

Jul 23, 2019

On my recent vacation I started writing a book on getting started in 3 Gun. I really want to highlight as much of the community as I can. Please email me:

  • Pictures of life at matches / practice
  • Great 3 Gun Quotes
  • Short stories about 3 gun

Here are a couple paragraphs from the intro to the new book (unedited).

After 2...