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Hawkeye Syndicate a weekly podcast looking at branding and social media through the lens of 3 Gun, Americas fasting growing shooting sport.

Aug 15, 2017

Mark's Show Notes:

Hey everybody welcome the matchcast This week on the show Adam and I will be talking about upcoming matches here in Minnesota and across the country. We also have the run down from the weekend, Including Rocky Mountain. Finally we are going to muse about a new PCC movement happening in the Southeast
Upcoming Matches in Minnesota
- Tuesday Steel Challenge at FLSC and USPSA at Scapsa
- Wednesday USPSA at MGFC, USPSA at Pine Island and 3 Gun at FLSC
 - Thursday USPSA at FLSC and Oakdale plus IDPA at MGFC
- Saturday TCAS is hosting their monthly 3 Gun Match
- Sunday USPSA MN Sectional down at Pine Island
Pro-am is this weekend and we expect some MN guys to head down
August 28th 2017 CQB Rifle Championships
Tons of shooting going on in September including the Nordic Tactical Shotgun Championship
Rimfire Match at FLSC 
Rimfire is the Gateway Drug to USPSA
Could PCC be that for 3 Gun?
PCC in the SE