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Hawkeye Syndicate a weekly podcast looking at branding and social media through the lens of 3 Gun, Americas fasting growing shooting sport.

Dec 11, 2018

This week on the syndicast we welcome pistol builder and market disruptor Adam Nilson from Atlas Gun Works.
Before we start the show I want to say thanks for all the people that signed up for the download or the meeting. 
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Without further ado Adam Nilson...
  1. When did you get started in competition shooting? When did you know you were hooked
  2. When and how did Atlas Gunworks happen?
  3. What were the early days like?
    1. Design
    2. Business
    3. production
    4. Marketing
  4. Business Philosophy?
  5. When did the youtube videos start?
  6. When did you know you were a disruptor in the marketplace?
  7. Lets Talk about he current Lineup of Pistols
    1. Titan
    2. Chaos
    3. Titan SS
    4. Titan Operator
    5. Nemesis
    6. Hyperion
    7. Erebus
    8. Nyx
    9. Full Custom Work
  8. What’s next for Atlas?
  9. How do you take care of yourself?
    1. Physically
    2. Mentally
    3. Spiritually
  10. Do you have any routines:
    1. Morning / evening
    2. Practice
    3. Competition
  11. What advice do you have for someone starting a company? Maybe they have a successful widget or a great idea and they just need a little push. What would you say?
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