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Conversations I Wanted To Have Anyway

Dec 2, 2020

This podcast is commentary on the last 8 years of shooting, content, videos and reviews with Blair and myself.  You can find more of our shenanigans on YouTube and Blair’s pistol, rifle, and shotgun modifications at the shop.

Quick Hawkeye History: 8 years ago I walked out onto my first 3 Gun field with a brand new set of Nothing I Needed and a 6.5′ bearded Viking pointed at me and told me I was with him.   And that was it.

Blair grew up in Decorah, Iowa with his dad who had a love of of guns and hunting.  In 1979 he started his reverence for shooting with a Savage Single Shot 22 and has never looked back.

For the rest of our mentions, check out our video history below.

Any purchases made through Arnzen ArmsAtlas Gunworks, or Triple C Range, use checkout code CONVERSATIONS5