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Hawkeye Syndicate a weekly podcast looking at branding and social media through the lens of 3 Gun, Americas fasting growing shooting sport.

Sep 3, 2019

Intro: if you have been following my Instagram feed lately you will probably have notes I am training for the Tactical Games. My guest today is the man that keeps me from doing anything too stupid in that process - Bryan Everett (Spelling)
Welcome to the syndicast
Bryan’s background:
1. What are your current credentials and where can listeners find you if they want training?
   1. DM Bryan on Instagram: @beverett23
   2. Current and prior military and first responders can train free provided they are members of Lifetime Fitness
2. Tell us a bit about your journey to where you are now? Sports, military, education, etc.
What is the Tactical Games?
If climbing obstacles, running with a rucksack on, carrying heavy things, and shooting from unconventional positions excites you, than The Tactical Games is for you!
What is the difference between a professional baseball player, pro-football player, or basketball player and a tactical athlete? Professional sports players get an offseason. Tactical athletes, however, are on point 24/7/365 with No Off Season!  A Green Beret, SEAL, or Delta Operator doesn’t have the luxury of taking a day off. They don’t get to say, “I’m just not into it today!” They are constantly deploying or preparing to deploy.
Why am I doing this?
Turning 45, set a goal of 15% body fat for my birthday, I want to know what’s possible for myself, I ain’t real bright...
Go over evolution 1
1. Spartan model
2. Weights
Discuss training evolution 2
1. Changes, Pilates
2. Weights
Another episode prior to evolution 3 and after games to discuss the repair season
Current discuss live
Supplements, discuss live
What am I missing? Sleep, rest, recovery techniques like sauna etc.